Doctors Assess Data on Effectiveness of Asthma Medicines for COVID

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The interim results of a study by British scientists that drugs for asthma can speed up the process of recovery from coronavirus are not 100% confirmed, the associate professor of the department of hospital therapy at the Moscow State Medical University named after R. Sechenov, pulmonologist Alexander Palman.

“When people get sick for weeks – two or three days is not something that you need to categorically fight for,” he said.

According to him, people with asthma are not more severe and do not get sick with COVID-19 more often than all other patients. “Those patients with bronchial asthma, whom I saw in the infectious diseases hospital, safely tolerated the disease and did not fall into the risk category,” said Palman. He suggested that this may be due to the intake of inhaled hormones.

“This proves once again that an asthma patient should not modify the therapy in any way and he should adhere to what was prescribed,” the doctor emphasized. He also added that until the final results of the study by British scientists are ready, there is no point in prescribing asthma medications for patients with coronavirus.

According to the pulmonologist, Sergei Babak budesonide, which is used in the treatment of bronchial asthma, has the property of reducing the possibility of the virus entering the cell. “This means that people are less susceptible to viral load, illness can occur in a milder form, but this does not mean that a person will not get sick,” Babak said. He noted that this is not a cure for the virus.

“By the way, this recommendation has long been spelled out in the eleventh revision of the Russian Ministry of Health for the treatment of a new coronavirus infection, so this is not something new for us,” the doctor said.

Earlier, UK Parliamentary Deputy Minister of Health Joe Churchill said that if you use an asthma inhaler when you are sick with coronavirus, you can recover faster. She described a study that found that inhaling budesonide, a drug used for asthma, could shorten recovery time by three days.

Churchill noted that the findings are based only on intermediate results, therefore, a complete analysis of this method of treatment is necessary.

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