Does Europe See Ukraine's Fight Against Corruption: Political Scientist Appreciates Our Work


Does Europe see Ukraine's fight against corruption: political scientist appreciated our work

Ukraine's decisive actions to eradicate corruption in the state have a positive effect on the West and its desire to continue supporting Ukraine. Thus, the country demonstrates its political will to the world.

This Channel 24 was told by political scientist Vytis Yurkonis. According to him, despite the war, the fight against illicit enrichment in Ukraine must be transparent.

The realities of the Ukrainian fight against corruption

Vytis Jurkonis stressed that he knows from the experience of Lithuania what happened when decisions were made very quickly, and the process itself did not live up to expectations.

“There is a war in Ukraine now, so it's hard to follow absolutely all the rules here,” he added.

According to him, even despite the difficult times, care should be taken that all procedures are followed. This will protect Ukraine from further conflicts with corrupt statesmen.

They will poke you at international law and say: “Well, let's go to the European Court of Rights person and see if all the rules are followed?” – stressed the Lithuanian political scientist.

Nevertheless, Ukraine is still demonstrating its political will to the EU.

Lithuania has collected a significant amount for Ukraine : watch the video

The reaction of the West to Ukraine's decisive steps

Vytis Yurkonis said that without political will it is impossible to fight corruption.

“The process should not just be for everyone” to kill.” It is necessary to do this on the basis of good or bad, observing all norms and human rights,” he said.

In his opinion, this is not easy to do. In addition, the presumption of innocence should be.

In this regard, we see political will. And, of course, I am glad that corrupt politicians have been taken seriously,” he focused. . Officials can help in this by fighting on their political front.

“International foundations and the EU, seeing that there is a fight against corruption, will have a stronger desire to increase assistance,” Jurkonis is convinced.

So Ukraine's path to the EU will be much easier under this condition.

MoD scandals: latest news

  • Alexander Liev was responsible for the armed contracts of the Ministry of Defense. The head of the Anti-Corruption Action Center, Vitaly Shabunin, wrote that Liev was an official of the fugitive President Yanukovych and called for “hearing Crimea.” He wrote a letter of resignation from the Ministry of Defense of his own free will.
  • Ex-director of the Department of Public Procurement of the Ministry of Defense Bohdan Khmelnitsky is suspected of corruption. He is currently in custody.
  • The court also arrested Vyacheslav Shapovalov, former Deputy Minister Alexei Reznikov, with the possibility of posting a bail in the amount of 402 million 600 thousand hryvnia. Shapovalov could buy food for the military at inflated prices. Earlier on January 24, the official himself resigned. The Defense Ministry said the allegations were unfounded.

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