Does Putin want a direct conflict with NATO: ISW estimated the likelihood of escalation after missiles in Romania


Does Putin want a direct conflict with NATO: ISW estimated the likelihood of escalation after missiles in Romania

On February 10, the Russian military launched a massive missile attack. Several enemy missiles flew through the airspace of Romania, which is a member of NATO.

The Institute for the Study of War suggested what Russia is for. After all, the passage of missiles through NATO territory could be the beginning of a conflict with the North Atlantic Alliance.

Is Putin ready to take risks

The authors of the report believe that the passage of Russian missiles over Romania.was unlikely to cause an escalation. The Institute estimates with high confidence that Putin is not ready to take risks. Therefore, he will avoid direct conflict with NATO in every possible way.

Recall that during a massive missile strike on February 10, two Russian missiles flying from the Black Seacrossed the airspace of Moldova and Romania. And only after that they flew to Ukraine. In this article, we analyzed the situation.

The authors of the report emphasized that massive missile strikes continue to create peripheral risks outside of Ukraine. The Institute recalled the missile crash in Przewódów, Poland, on November 15, 2022.

At the same time, analysts believe that NATO, as well as its individual member countries, understand the threat of provocations from Russia. Therefore, they fully control their response, as well as the degree of response escalation to both accidental and deliberate overflights of the aggressor country's missiles.

The Institute once again stated:Putin does not seek war with NATO.And he certainly will not risk starting it with his own actions.

The enemy fired more than 70 missiles

  • From the evening of February 9 to the afternoon of February 10, the Russian invaders launched another massive missile attack. This is the 14th such attack since the fall of 2022.
  • This time, the invaders attacked Ukraine with 71 cruise missiles. According to reports, Kh-101, Kh-555, as well as Kalibr were used for shelling.
  • Enemies from 8 Tu-95ms strategic bombers attacked the critical infrastructure of Ukraine. They fired X-101 and X-555 missiles from the Caspian Sea regions, as well as Volgodonsk. “Calibers” were fired from the Black Sea. And it was the Calibers that flew into the territory of Moldova and Romania before attacking Ukraine.
  • Fortunately, 61 cruise missiles were shot down by the air defense forces. Also on the night of February 10, 5 were destroyed kamikaze drones that attacked Ukraine.

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