Donetsk was left without water because the workers of the water utility were taken to war, – Kazansky


Donetsk was left without water because the workers of the water utility were taken to the war, – Kazansky

Donetsk is without water because the workers of the water utility are at war/Getty Images

In the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, in particular, the quasi-republics of Donbass, Russia is conducting “mobilization”. Men are simply taken off the streets there and thrown into the war with Ukraine.

Teachers, ordinary workers and everyone is mobilized there. Blogger Denis Kazansky spoke about problems with water in the city due to the so-called “mobilization”.Kazansky cites information from an online post from a man claiming to be a volunteer from Donetsk. He describes the situation in the Proletarian district of Donetsk. Warns residents that there will be no water today or tomorrow.

Most likely, it will be served to people for two hours every three or four days. After all, the chief engineer of the water utility, who could somehow help the problem, was “mobilized” for the war. And there are 35 specialists of the institution at the front. Therefore, people just silently get used to the fact that the problem with water will become habitual.

There is no more water in Donetsk because the employees of the water utility have been mobilized and kidnapped for slaughter. Good for the Republic! Not like before the fascists, – states Kazansky.

The local volunteer even plucked up the courage and began to complain. Like, they could supply water more often, but no one cares about them. And the leaders of the “republic”, if they wanted, they could recall specialists from the war to solve the problem.

After his reproaches, the volunteer immediately said that in no case did he call for anything, let alone accuse. Like, he wants to partially draw attention to the fact that people can at least partially solve the problem with water.

The situation in the temporarily occupied territories

Because of permanent shelling of the Russians in Mariupol broke through the water supply. As a result, water shortage has been added to the critical humanitarian situation in the city. Russian infidels tried to repair the water supply with their crooked hands. Therefore, all the basements were flooded, and rivers flowed in the streets.

Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs Rostyslav Smirnov assured that the Ukrainian military would return our territories. We will also be able to liberate Donetsk and Luhansk from the invaders. After all, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are already starting to launch a counteroffensive in some areas.

Meanwhile, the separatists in the Donbass are simply shocked by what is happening at the front. After all, the Russians are losing a lot of people and equipment there. Our intelligence published a conversation between two separatists. The story is heard in it that 1500 people were sent to the front, and only 30 of them remained.

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