“Don’t fuck, go to work”: Pornhub began to advertise PMC “Wagner” (photo)

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“Don’t fuck, go to work”: Pornhub began to advertise PMC “Wagner” (photo)

The video can be seen if you go to Pornhub from Russia without an ad blocker and VPN.

On the popular porn site Pornhub, an advertisement for PMC Wagner has appeared, but it is not yet available in all regions of Russia.

This was reported by a number of Russian publics.

Advertising is shown as a preroll before videos if you access Pornhub from Russia, but not in all regions. So, advertising is not available in Moscow. At the same time, users from the Kemerovo and Volgograd regions can see it.

“We are the most fucking private army in the world. We are recruiting fighters from all regions of Russia. Don’t fuck off, but go to work in the Wagner PMC,” a female voice sounds on the commercial against the background of the image of a girl with a lollipop in her mouth .

After that, a phone number appears on the video, which actually belongs to the recruiters in the military company.

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