Dracarys: The Ministry of Defense greeted the Russians with a “bad” morning


Dracarys: The Ministry of Defense greeted the Russians with an

< p _ngcontent-sc86="" class="news-annotation">Ukrainian defenders continue to destroy Russian invaders on our land. Today, September 8, our forces greeted the invaders with a “bad” morning.

This was reported in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Our soldiers are liquidating the Russians with fire.

An “unkind” morning for infidels

The Ministry of Defense has published a new image of Ukrainian defenders destroying the invaders with heavy weapons.

Good morning, Russians! Oh wait… Not so good? Drakaris! – they wrote in the department.

AFU congratulates the occupiers with fire/photo of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

By the way, drakaris is a word meaning “draconian flame”. In the famous series “Game of Thrones”, before the Mother of Dragons' adviser Missandei died, she said the last word in the Valyrian language: “Dracaris”.

Actual losses of the enemy

Our warriors inflict damage on the Russians every day. In total, since February 24, 51,250 infidels have already been killed. In the previous day alone, the Armed Forces of Ukraine liquidated another 640 enemy fighters. This number is not final, because active hostilities are currently ongoing.

  • Dances – 2112 (+15) units;
  • Armored combat vehicles – 4557 (+37) units;< /li>
  • artillery systems – 1126 (+32) units;
  • MLRS – 305 (+5) units;
  • air defense systems – 159 (+3) units;< /li>
  • aircraft – 239 (+2) units;
  • helicopters – 210 (+2) units;
  • UAVs of the operational-tactical level – 884 (+4) units ;
  • cruise missiles – 214 units;
  • ships and boats – 15 units;
  • automotive equipment and tankers – 3344 (+24) units;
  • special equipment – 110 (+1) units.

Russia will suffer huge losses in Ukraine: watch a spectacular video

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