Dragged by the hair on the sidewalk and pressed against the gate: a visitor to a nightclub said she was beaten by security guards (video)

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 Dragged by the hair on the sidewalk and pressed to the gate: a visitor to the nightclub said about the beating by the guards (video)

The incident happened to a British woman and her friends.

In the English city of Nottingham, three guards of a nightclub allegedly brutally beat a woman and dragged her by the hair. For this they were dismissed, the investigation continues.

Metro writes about this.

Various videos circulated on the Web show violent clashes between women and security personnel, and later images show Mrs. Watson with bloody and bruised legs.

For example, one of the videos shows a bouncer throwing a woman on the floor in the street before being pulled back to the nightclub by the sidewalk. Another depicts a woman being pushed against a railing as she yells, “Get away from me.”

Another woman can also be seen beating one of the men before being thrown to the ground. Victim Niam Watson claims that she and her friends were beaten, thrown and dragged along the asphalt by the nightclub workers on Sunday morning.

“The adult male bouncers offended one of my friends, and as a result they threw me and my friends on the ground, pulling my hair, crushing me to the gate,” Ms. Watson wrote on Facebook.

The woman laments that the allegedly arrived police did not react properly. The establishment commented on the incident, stating that it had removed the three bouncers.

Nottinghamshire Police Officer Paul Gummer said: “The officers were called to report the altercation. The next morning, the injured woman reported a previous incident that occurred prior to our arrival. “

Recall that in Germany there was a conflict between a petrol station employee and a customer. The latter beat a petrol station worker for a request to wear a mask. The man was hospitalized.

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