“Dragon's teeth” with which Russia strengthens the border is produced in Belarus – investigators



Russia is building defenses around the occupied territories to prevent the advance of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Belarusian investigators told where the terrorist country has the so-called “dragon's teeth”.

According to investigators, at least6 Belarusian enterprises produce and supply anti-tank fortifications to the Russian invaders , which are also called “dragon's teeth”.

How many fortifications are produced at Belarusian factories

It is noted that the so-called “dragon's teeth” will be produced in Gomel for more than a month. At the same time, investigators assumed that anti-tank fortifications were manufactured at several enterprises and believed that production volumes were not significant. However, the real scale turned out to be much more serious.

According to investigators, a few months ago, a number of Belarusian enterprises immediately received orders for the manufacture of anti-tank fortifications. We are talking about the manufacture of 20-30 thousand pieces, and this is only at the factories of the Gomel region.

The investigators managed to obtain accurate production drawings and found out that at present at least 6 enterprises of Belarus produce anti-tank gouges for the Russian army .

We are talking about enterprises “Gomelzhelezobeton”; “Gomel Graal”; “Chausky Concrete Concrete Plant”; “Krichevcementnoshifer”; “Lotus”; Khoiniki Concrete Concrete Plant, branch of OAO Mozyr House-Building Plant.

Characteristics and materials of “dragon's teeth”

“Dragon's teeth” have the shape of a tetrahedron and are made from concrete grade M400 or M550 (class B40). This is a special concrete that has high technical characteristics in terms of strength and durability.

What “dragon's teeth” look like/Photo by RIAFAN

Defense buildings are transported by trucks with Belarusian and Russian numbers (including Bryansk registration). Usually in one truck there are at least 15 – 20 “teeth”. They enter Russia through at least two border crossings.

According to preliminary information, one of the locations where concrete fortifications are delivered is the village of Voronok in the Bryansk region.

Investigators suggest that this is not the only place where defensive products are delivered from Belarus. It is assumed that there are more enterprises that produce reinforced concrete pyramids in Belarus.

Consequences are effective defensive trenches

Not so long ago, American journalists from The The New York Times analyzed whether trenches, “dragon's teeth” and other defensive fortifications would help the occupiers. According to experts, theoretically, fortifications could slow down the Ukrainian army, but they are only effective if they are properly manned.

That is, the Russians, of course, are trying to somehow gain a foothold in the occupied territories, but it is not a fact that they will be helped ” dragon teeth” or something else. At the same time, it should be said that the media showed what these fortifications look like on satellite images.

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