Drone “Cartographer” was shot down over Nikolayevshchina: it had 12 cameras for shooting the area


The cartographer drone was shot down over Mykolaiv region: it had 12 cameras for surveying the area< /p>

In the sky over Mykolaiv region, Ukrainian defenders shot down an enemy Cartographer drone. The drone was equipped with 12 cameras for filming the area.

The military of the Ground Forces explained that the defenders caught the enemy bird.

2 September, at about 09.00, in the sky over the Nikolaev region, the anti-aircraft missile unit of the Air Force eliminated the Russian drone “Kartograf”, which is part of the family of multi-purpose unmanned systems “Ptero”, – the message says.

A camera is visible in the published photographs with 12 lenses designed to create terrain plans.

The drone that got down by the defenders/Photo Ground Forces

The drone had 12 cameras/Photo Ground Forces

Nikolayevshchina is moving away from the enemy

In OK “South” they report that Nikolayevshchina continues to move away from the enemy. And it is for this reason that the occupiers are no longer hitting the region only with missiles, but also continue to attack the region using aircraft.

Natalya Gumenyuk added that it was calm in Nikolaev itself that night. But this cannot be said about the situation in the region itself. In particular, where the collision line passes. In these territories, she noted, the occupiers were hitting both from missiles and from aircraft. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

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