Drone crashes 250 kilometers from Moscow: Russians panic


Drone crashes 250 kilometers from Moscow: Russians panic

Propaganda media reported that on March 19, an unidentified drone crashed in the Tula region. It is about 250 kilometers from Moscow.

The drone crashed in the Odoevsky district between the settlements of Petrovskoye and Malovel. Propaganda media claim that the aircraft crashed in a field, far from residential buildings, Channel 24 reports.

In Russia, again complain about drones

According to RosSMI, there were no casualties or damage. Currently, experts allegedly establish the identity of the UAV.

They also claim that the size of the drone is 290 by 120 centimeters.

The network has already begun to discuss the fall of an unknown UAV. In particular, the Russians themselves have noticed that recently there has been more and more such news in their country.

How do Russians react to the drone crash?

Recall that on March 2, near the village of Berezovsky in the Tula region, a funnel from an explosion with a diameter of about one and a half meters was discovered. As the press service of the region reported, the funnel could have appeared as a result of the fall of a drone.

In late February – early March, reports of drone crashes came from various regions of Russia, including the Belgorod Region, Krasnodar Territory, Adygea, Moscow Region and Crimea.

Fire in the FSB building in Rostov

  • On Thursday, September 16, in the Russian Rostov-on-Don, the building of the border department of the FSB caught fire. The network wrote that they heard the sound of an explosion before the fire.
  • In all likelihood, ammunition exploded at the site of the fire. This is indicated by the fact that firefighters asked for armored shields to protect themselves from fragments flying during explosions. The area of the fire was 800 square meters.
  • One of the eyewitnesses of the fire said that the explosion in the border department of the FSB flew out all the windows. The Russians, reacting to the fire, wrote online that it was probably a terrorist attack. Also, the occupiers are frightened by the fact that another “pop” has occurred in Russia and the war is already moving to their territory.
  • The fire that broke out, probably after the explosion, killed four people.

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