Drone flight rules in Russia will be simplified

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Drone flight rules in Russia will be simplified

Drone flight rules in Russia will be simplified

Russian government to simplify drone flight rules. To this end, the Cabinet of Ministers has developed a Concept for the integration of unmanned aerial vehicles into a single airspace, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said on Monday.

“The government has approved the concept of integrating unmanned aerial vehicles into a single airspace. The document was developed on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation, ”Mishustin said during a meeting with the Deputy Prime Ministers on Monday.

According to him, the authorities intend to change the air legislation, including simplifying the procedures that allow drone owners to issue documents and flight permits. This stage will last until 2023. At the second stage of the work, the authorities will ensure flight safety until 2027, as well as modernize the aviation infrastructure.

Mishustin added that during the final stage, which will last until 2030, the practical implementation of the technical infrastructure for unmanned aerial vehicles and digital solutions for flight control will have to be carried out.

The main task within the framework of this concept is to ensure the highest possible level of security, the head of the Russian government emphasized.

Earlier it was reported that Russian engineers have developed and successfully tested the unique all-weather Seadrone rescue drone. The device can splash down and take off from the water, as well as work in the Arctic.

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