Due to frost: almost no wounded Russians from the front line were brought to hospitals in the occupied Donbas


Because of the cold: almost no wounded Russians were brought to hospitals in the occupied Donbas from the front line

The consequences of the extremely poor provision of the Russian occupiers and the attitude towards them on the part of comrades in arms were fully manifested during the battles in the conditions of a significant cold snap in early 2023. Sub-zero temperatures and a lack of desire to quickly evacuate the wounded led to incredible losses among the invading army.

According to Channel 24 sources in the Ukrainian special services, only for the first two weeks of 2023 in the Donbass, about 2,000 Russian servicemen died due to a cold snap. These are the figures given by the command of the occupying army in one of the reports.

These statistics do not include prisoners and mercenaries of the “Wagner” group, who, during the aggravation in the direction of Soledar and Bakhmut, went out for each assault almost in one direction.

The wounded were almost died instantly

  • According to the Ukrainian secret services, due to the lack of tactical medicine as such, as well as the deep indifference of the Russian military to each other, the occupiers always had little chance of surviving as a result of a wound.
  • However, in the first weeks of January, when the temperature was extremely low in Donbass,for every invader, almost any wound on the front line meant inevitable death.
  • As a result of frost and the lack of adequate weapons, almost all the invaders who became “three hundredth” during the battle died within one to two hours . Because their comrades-in-arms did not provide them with medical care and did not ensure the quick evacuation of the wounded to a warm place.
  • That is why the Russians, who could not leave the battlefield on their own, almost instantly went to a concert with Kobzon due to hypothermia.
  • So in the statistics of the losses of the invaders, which the plywood generals are trying to keep one way or another, the number of wounded Russians in the first weeks of January, it was atypically small.

In total, after the New Year, more than 6,000 professional Russian servicemen died on the front lines in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

The occupying troops suffered the greatest number of losses in the direction of Bakhmut, Soledar, Avdiivka, Marinka and Svatovoe with Kremennaya, where the most fierce battles have been going on for a long time.

More than a thousand of Putin's Horde soldiers were out of order due to sanitary losses. However, most of them were injured not at the front at all.

The doctors “exhaled” due to the lack of an invasion of the “300”

Due to the fact that the wounded were absent as a class on the line of clashes in the Donbas for quite a long time, hospital workers from the territories temporarily occupied by Russians were able to rest a bit. After all, from 50 to 300 “three hundredth” invaders are usually brought to almost every medical institution every day. Due to frost, doctors had to take care of only those injured who were injured on the second, third lines of defense and in the rear – as a result of the work of Ukrainian artillery and aviation.

However, due to the absence of the usual invasion of the wounded, the quality of treatment in medical institutions of the so-called “DNR” and “LNR” has not improved one iota. The fact is that the provision of medical institutions with the necessary consumables, as well as drugs, remains extremely low. So the lion's share of Vanek will not be able to fully recover from injury.

However, this does not mean at all that the command will not return them to service, despite their inability to serve and participate in hostilities. After all, over the past few months, due to a shortage of personnel, Russian generals have ordered the wounded to be discharged from hospitals even before their recovery and rehabilitation.

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