Due to losses and desertion: only a fifth of the Wagner prisoners are fighting in Ukraine, – ISW


Because of losses and desertion: only a fifth of Wagner prisoners are fighting in Ukraine, – ISW

Wagner PMC owner Evgeny Prigozhin sends his recruited convicts to Ukraine to play the role of cannon fodder . So, out of his entire army, only a fifth is now fighting on the front line.

This was reported by the head of the Russian human rights organization Russia Behind Bars, Olga Romanova. On January 23, she stated that out of 50 thousand recruited prisoners, only 10 thousand are fighting on the front lines in Ukraine.

The rest of the Wagnerites either died or fled

< p>Romanova added that the reason for this phenomenon was the huge losses of PMC “Wagner” and the high level of desertion. According to her, the Wagnerites “with terrible force” began to flee in the fall. Moreover, many of them fled back to Russia, taking their weapons with them.

Romanova also suggested that the founder of the Wagner PMC, Yevgeny Prigozhin, who “promised Putin to win the war,” does not keep statistics on the missing prisoners, but writes down everyone on the list of the dead. This is evidenced by the situations when PMC “Wagner” returns empty coffins to relatives of prisoners.

American analysts have not been able to confirm these figures, although they note that they are very likely.

Because the model that Prigozhin uses in the war in Ukraine, sending a large number of prisoners on the offensive, leads to large combat losses, capitulations and desertion.

“Heavenly thousand” Prigogine

The Center for National Resistance told the story of one of the Wagnerites, who was lucky enough to be captured by the Ukrainians. Mercenary Yevgeny Sizov, who voluntarily came to kill Ukrainians in order not to be imprisoned, spoke about the losses of his brothers and his feelings from the “trip” to Ukraine.

Sizov noted that before the war he was imprisoned for theft. By the way, at the age of 26, this was already the second conclusion for the occupier. Prigozhin recruited the prisoner in August 2022, and the invader's unit was recently defeated.

Wagnerovets shares his impressions of the war in Ukraine: watch the video

Prigozhin tells his subordinates that in Ukrainethey are fighting the Americans and the Nazis. Therefore, as a result, the prisoners voluntarily agree to kill Ukrainians, but in fact they are used as cannon fodder.

According to Sizov, out of a thousand of those who first came to Ukraine, only a few dozen remained combat-ready. The rest either died, or were captured, or lost their limbs.

The most cynical act of Russian propaganda is that the Wagnerites allow their dead brethren to be called the “heavenly thousand”.

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