Due to non-payment of wages: food riots begin at the enterprises of Gazprom and Rosneft


Because of non-payment of salaries: the enterprises of Gazprom and Rosneft start starving riots

Due to the failed economic situation, directly related to the full-scale war unleashed by Putin against Ukraine, the Russian government classified most of the reports. At the same time, the entire pool of propagandists has been working non-stop to create an atmosphere of anti-Ukrainian hysteria and keep silent about problems.

According toChannel 24 sources in the Ukrainian special services, in the Russian government for December and January summed up the results of 2022 and updated economic forecasts for 2023. According to a document presented by specialists from the Ministry of Economic Development to the leadership of the enemy Cabinet, the situation in many sectors is extremely threatening to the entire aggressor country.

In addition to the immediate possibility of a collapse of a number of branches of the economy, officials of the Russian Cabinet of Ministers drew the attention of the security forces to theprobability of protests at many enterprises.

Sakhalin strikes

  • In a report summing up the results of 2022, Muscovite experts indicated that since September, protest moods have grown very strongly in many companies associated with gas and oil production. At the same time, in November-December on Sakhalin, a number of spontaneous riots took place at several fields at once due to several months of delayed wages.
  • As it turns out, even before the entry into force of sanctions on price caps for oil, some Rosneft enterprises began to deceive their employees with payments back in September. In the same month, problems began with wages at gas production sites owned by Gazprom.
  • In the case of oil production, non-payments were associated with the exit from the market of Western companies, as well as with the financial problems of the Russian state monopolist. Delays in salaries for workers in the gas industry began after the “genius” Putin committed a series of sabotage on the Nord Stream, which cut himself off from the ability to supply “blue fuel” to customers.
  • When employees of the Kirinsky gas condensate, Romashkinskoye oil fields and the Sakhalin-1 region realized that in the near future they could be out of work, and their entire industry, which used to bring a lot of money, could close, spontaneous riots began at the enterprises.

The very fact of the strikes was carefully concealed from Russian society, because, according to the Kremlin Fuhrer, the population should not be aware of any problems. Especially about the fact that it is precisely the direction due to which Russia existed in general that is in a fever.

It is clear that none of the “senseless and merciless” riots led to nothing – the “harsh” Russian men listened to the promises from the leadership to quickly pay all the amounts owed, after which they went to their jobs. However, the Ministry of Economic Development noted that since in 2023 Russia will not be able to earn at all through the sale of oil and gas, the debt to workers in the industry will only grow. The same situation can be repeated at all fields, but in a really threatening form. Therefore, officials called on law enforcement agencies to prepare to suppress possible riots.

Production stops due to lack of personnel

In addition, the Russian government stated that, in addition to the actual bankruptcy of enterprises and huge unemployment rates, in the aggressor country the shortage of qualified personnel has grown to incredible levels. This is mainly due to mobilization, because all more or less smart and wealthy specialists fled the country, while the state sent others to the front.

For example, in the light industry, 70% of workers are missing at enterprises. About 40% of vacancies are in mechanical engineering. That is why manufacturers of many types of products are not able to meet the demand of Russians, which leads to a shortage of some goods. According to experts, the Russians will no longer be able to systematically improve the situation, because for this it is necessary to stop mobilization and increase the general level of education in the country. The first is impossible because of the Fuhrer's desire to play war, and the second is because the decline in the quality of education among the population is the result of a long and consistent policy of the state. It is precisely because of the lack of producers and the inability to reach a level of production that is able to ensure profitability that some producers will have to close in 2023.

In general, for 2023, according to According to the expectations of the authorities, approximately 10–15 million Russians will lose their jobs and stable income, which will significantly worsen the state of the country's economy.

Every second person will eat less

Research by the Russian statistics service, which was referred to in the report by employees of the Ministry of Economic Development, indicates that every third citizen of Russia started saving on food in 2022.At the same time, household spending on food decreased by only 4.3%. However, this figure by no means reflects the real situation, because, on average, prices in Russian stores have doubled. After all, this means that the Russians began to buy half as much food.

The impoverished strata suffered the most, already barely saving up for vodka and bread. And even despite the fact that most of the coffin for dead sons or men was received by the people with the lowest incomes, the number of people living below the poverty line has increased very much. the state did not recognize even half of the 100,000 “two-hundred” soldiers as dead as of the end of 2022.

Due to the fact that the inhabitants of Russia have significantly decreased their solvency, turnover retail trade, and this leads to the gradual bankruptcy of the owners of medium and small businesses.

This year, the economic condition of the aggressor country will reach such negative heights that every second inhabitant of the border will have to save on food purchases, and about 60% Russians will not be able to buy new clothes not only for themselves, but even for children.

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