Due to overcrowded hospitals: the wounded militants of Donbass are being taken by Russians to Rostov


Because of overcrowded hospitals: the Russians are taking the wounded militants of Donbass all the way to Rostov

Wounded pro-Russian militants are almost never taken to hospitals alive/”Depo.Donbass”

The occupiers have created clear protocols on the priority of providing medical care to the wounded during the war and to the civilian population of ORDLO. First of all, doctors are trying to save the personnel of the Russian army.

According to Channel 24 sources in the Ukrainian special services, after wounded contract soldiers, conscripts should be assisted. After them, in the gradation of importance for Russian generals, there are “personnel” militants of ORDLO, mercenaries of private military companies and mobilized.

The residents of Donbass and Luhansk region, who were forcibly sent to war, have virtually no chance of survival as a result of a serious injury. Almost the only option for them to stay alive is either to run away or get injured in such a way that they can help themselves.

Only a few reach the hospitals

  • According to information from the Ukrainian special services, the groups of the so-called “DNR” and “LNR” will suffer huge losses in this war, because the value of their life for the Russians is zero. A greater number of dead and wounded are only among the units mobilized in the Donbass, which are driven into battle without equipment and in places of weapons.
  • The number of wounded and dead among the “brigades” of ORDLO is slightly less, but the losses are still considered to be in the thousands. At the same time, the militants of the quasi-republics created by Russia, unlike those mobilized, have much better support.
  • The high mortality among local militants is due to the fact that in 99% of cases the wounded do not receive any medical care at all.
  • “300” among the pro-Russian groups, at best, can count on being pulled out of the battlefield and loaded into evacuation vehicles.
  • Providing qualified care in hospitals in the uncontrolled territory of Ukraine depends on how great the pressure doctors.
  • During serious battles, it is the Russians who are taken to the nearest medical facilities so that they have a better chance of surviving. Residents of Donbass are transported either to cities bordering Russia, or even to Rostov. However, only “officers” or people promoted by propaganda can be brought to the aggressor country.
  • Due to the large distance between the front and the rear hospitals, only a few reach the conditional Shakhtersk, Stanitsa Luganskaya or Alchevsk alive.
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The dead are simply thrown out of cars onto the roadside

The attitude of the Russians towards the wounded collaborators-combatants of the ORDLO militants is very quickly discussed among themselves. According to the terrorists who have been fighting against Ukraine since 2014, the Russians actually killed many of their friends.

A large number of the wounded, who required simple operations, were not accepted in front-line cities, which is why many ideological “militias” simply did not made it to other hospitals alive. At the same time, the bodies of the dead were simply thrown out of the cars onto the side of the road – so that the drivers could quickly return to evacuate the still alive.

Pro-Russian terrorists are outraged that their comrades in arms were not even taken to the morgues. The occupiers did this allegedly because morgues are overcrowded throughout the Luhansk and Donetsk regions, but in fact these institutions accept only Russians.

Commanders of those units that transport corpses in the consolidated army often sort the bodies on Russians and locals. Some Russians are buried directly in ORDLO, while others are taken home. But the rest of the inhabitants of Donbass, for the most part, are not given to their relatives. The occupiers are afraid to bring a large number of bodies to the small cities they have captured, so as not to also deal with the suppression of riots.

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