Due to the enemy's blow to the Poltava region, the correctional colony was significantly damaged: there were minors


The penal colony was significantly damaged due to the enemy strike in Poltava region: there were minors< /p>

Russian invaders launched a missile attack on the Poltava region on October 10th. As a result of this damage, the building of the correctional colony was damaged.

This was announced by the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights Dmitry Lubinets. There is no information about the victims.

A penal colony damaged in the Poltava region

During a missile attack inflicted by Russia in the Poltava region, the building of the Kremenchug educational colony, where minors were kept, was significantly damaged.

After the inspection, it became known that the following were damaged in the correctional colony:

    < li>headquarters building (windows and window frames),
  • building of the medical unit, club and canteen,
  • building of the food and material warehouse,
  • building of the interzonal checkpoint,< /li>
  • buildings for two dormitories,
  • production building,
  • building for service dogs with an aviary,
  • garage,
  • school building and vocational school,
  • service dog kennel building.

In total, 256 windows, glass and wooden frames were damaged at 11 facilities of the institution.

What does a damaged penal colony look like in the Poltava region/photo Dmitry Lubinets

Russian attack on the Poltava region

On October 11, the Russians attacked the Poltava region. However, the Air Defense Forces managed to shoot down two enemy missiles. As the head of the Poltava police department Dmitry Lunin reported, as a result of the fall of debris from one of the Russian missiles, 3 people were injured. They received medical assistance.

On October 10, three Russian missiles hit a critical infrastructure facility in the Kremenchug region. This led to interruptions in electricity and water supply throughout the region. At the same time, one missile and one Iranian “Shahid” were shot down.

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