During a visit to Kyiv, US senators called for tanks and ATACMS to be provided to Ukraine


During a visit to Kyiv, US senators called for tanks and ATACMS to be provided to Ukraine

U.S. senators have arrived in Kyiv on a visit. During their visit, they called for providing Ukraine not only tanks, but ATACMS short-range ballistic missiles.

With these words, the US Senate delegation addressed Germany, as well as the administration of President Joe Biden. They were urged not to delay the provision of tanks to Ukraine, which can accelerate the victory of our state. Note that the delegation includes Republican Lynsey Graham, Democrats Richard Blumenthal and Sheldon Whitehouse.

Putin's defeat is in the interests

I'm tired of arguing who will provide tanks and when. The world order is at stake. Putin is trying to cross out the map of Europe with the help of armed force. To the Germans: give the Ukrainians tanks, because they need tanks. It is in your interest for Putin to be defeated in Ukraine,” Graham stressed.

He was clearly addressing the Biden administration. She was called upon to provide American Abrams tanks.After all, this step will push other international partners to the same decision.

In addition, Graham noted that he would continue to call on Americans and Congress to provide other military assistance. We are talking about the means by which it will be possible to expel the occupiers from Ukraine.

This means more Patriot systems, tanks, ATACAMS,” he added.

A critical turning point in the war

According to Blumenthal, we are now witnessing a critical turning point in the war. He noted that this is a time of “maximum danger, but at the same time great opportunities.”

In addition, it should be understood thatthe Russians are “on the verge of a mass counterattack.” Moreover, , according to Blumenthal, it will be as “barbaric and inhuman” as what the enemy has already managed to accomplish in almost 11 months of a full-scale invasion.

America has a chance to deter and defeat this counterattack by the Russians and allow the Ukrainians to win – I emphasize – to win. This is the only acceptable alternative,” Blumenthal noted.

  • Note that, as a result of the meeting in the Ramstein format, Ukraine will still not be given the tanks that our state needs.
  • How Volodymyr Zelenskyy noted that international partners now have no right to delay. After all, every day, unfortunately, takes human lives.
  • By the way, following this link you can see the list of weapons that international partners have promised us since the beginning of 2023.

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