Durov compared Netflix and TikTok content to “sticky mud”

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Durov compared Netflix and TikTok content to

The founder of the social network Vkontakte and the Telegram messenger criticized the content of Netflix and TikTok on his channel. He is sure that the quality of information consumed by a person directly affects the mental state of a person. The entrepreneur urged users not to waste time watching Netflix series and TikTok videos.

Pavel Durov believes that the brain needs to be loaded with real facts, and not with fictitious problems of the heroes of TV series. According to the businessman, the brain is not able to distinguish real problems from fictional ones, so it spends resources on solving unnecessary tasks.

“We have to clear our heads of the sticky mud of irrelevant content that algorithms offer us on a daily basis in order to be creative and productive. If we want to regain our creative freedom, we must first regain control over our own mind, ”Durov explained his point of view.

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