Durov predicted the emergence and popularity of TikTok 7 years ago

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Durov predicted the emergence and popularity of TikTok 7 years ago

The director and screenwriter of the film “Durov” Rodion Chepel said that the appearance and popularity of the social network TikTok was predicted by the founder of the Telegram messenger Pavel Durov back in 2014.

So, according to Chepel, 7 years ago Pavel Durov realized that the vertical format of videos would be successful in the future, since users shoot them on smartphones. In addition, the director shared that Durov also understood that streaming codecs for video processing would develop, while the files themselves would begin to weigh less.

Creating VKontakte, Durov, according to Chepel, understood the need to implement a social network for communication between people.

During the period when VKontakte was created, the Internet progressed, people wanted to communicate, they organized themselves into groups and those who were inside IT understood that technological capabilities would make it possible to create such solutions for people. And there was such a coincidence of factors – time, place, people, opportunities and, which still surprises me, that Durov used all these coincidences to the maximum, ”the director shared.

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