Dyson develops a cleaning robot that can walk up stairs and hold a cup

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Dyson develops a cleaning robot that can walk up stairs and hold a cup

Dyson is developing a unique cleaning robot that can interact with objects in the house – for example, move up stairs, open drawers or hold a mug. Bloomberg reported this, citing sources. The company itself did not confirm or deny that such a robot is being developed.

Bloomberg also referred to the fact that earlier in Britain several patents were registered, which describe unique robots. One of them will have to be able to move up the stairs and clean the steps, and the other will simultaneously hold a cup and open the shelves, the newspaper writes.

The company itself did not deny or confirm the information. “We are filing a lot of patents. However, we never comment on technologies that will or will not be presented in the future, “- said a spokesman for Dyson.

Earlier, Tesla founder Elon Musk announced the creation of a humanoid robot that can do “boring things” for people. The robot must be equipped with an FSDC (Full Self-Driving Computer) processor, a Dojo supercomputer and neural networks that “recognize the world and understand how to navigate it.” The prototype could appear in 2022, Musk said at the presentation.

In the meantime, Russia has developed a walking robot to monitor the condition of oil platforms and ships. It will be able to move effectively both in the air and in the water, the developers said.

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