Each shelling of the Kherson region is a risk for the locals, but otherwise we will not liberate the region, – Sobolevsky


Every shelling of the Kherson region – is a risk for the locals, but otherwise we won't free the region, – Sobolevsky

The shelling of the Kherson region/Channel 24 Collage

Today, in the Kherson region, about half a million of our citizens have become hostages held by armed Russian terrorists.

The First Deputy Chairman of the Kherson Regional Council Yuriy Sobolevsky.

He noted that every day in the Kherson region every citizen is at great risk, because any person can be detained by the Russians and tortured. We may never even know what happened to her.

Our guys from the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to work as surgically as possible. Every target they destroy is scouted. I am sure that all risks are assessed, including the life and health of our citizens, – said Yuri Sobolevsky.

“If we do not do this (destroy ammunition depots – Channel 24), we will not liberate our Kherson region We will not release half a million of our citizens,” Sobolevsky explained.

He said that Russian infidels are trying to build ammunition depots as close as possible to residential areas.Even objects with the deployment of troops and equipment, which were located separately, they move closer to residential areas. So that our guys do not consider these objects as targets.

A call to evacuate from Kherson

Yuri Sobolevsky emphasized that a very large number of people heard a request to evacuate. After all, the number of people trying to leave the Kherson region has increased. Unfortunately, the throughput remains the same as it was. People can spend 2-3 days in a car in a field with kids in very difficult conditions in order to get through the checkpoint. she was made. They artificially created such conditions that 100-120 cars per day can pass. On the most successful days, up to 200 cars per day were allowed into our territory. The rest of the time people stand and wait, – Yuri Sobolevsky explained.

He noted that the Kherson region will be de-occupied, but it should be understood that only by military means. That is why it is necessary to minimize the risks for citizens. The less our people remain there, the less losses there will be.

In addition, Sobolevsky noted that for Ukrainians in the Kherson region the risk of filtering is much greater, as well as the fact that any person can be detained and tortured by the Russians.

Watch the video about the situation in the Kherson region:

Latest news from Kherson

  • The Armed Forces of Ukraine dealt a blow to the composition of the enemy in the temporarily occupied Nova Kakhovka. Also, our military managed to destroy the enemy base in Beryslav.
  • The Russian invaders continue to pretend that their stay in the Kherson region and Zaporozhye will be permanent and inevitable. At the same time, Putin's Hordes are already at the final stage of preparation for the next start of the school year.
  • Irina Vereshchuk says that it is now difficult to evacuate from the occupied territories of the Kherson region. But it really needs to be done and find your new way home.

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