Earned on illegal migrants: in 2021, 85 Ukrainians were detained in Poland

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 Earned on illegal migrants: in 2021, 85 Ukrainians were detained in Poland

Since the beginning of the year, 85 Ukrainians were detained in Poland who helped migrants from Belarus to illegally cross the border.

The Polish law enforcement officers transferred the relevant data to the Embassy of Ukraine in Poland.

Criminal proceedings have been opened against more than a third of the detained citizens of Ukraine , they have chosen a measure of restraint in the form of detention.

The embassy reminds that for this crime a punishment is imposed in the form of imprisonment for a term of 6 months to 8 years.

Administrative punishment in the form of forced deportation was applied to other Ukrainians. In addition, they will be banned from entering Poland, and therefore the EU countries, for five years.

The Ukrainian Embassy in Poland calls on citizens:

  • refuse offers of third parties for cross-border transportation, in particular, refrain from advertisements on the network;
  • do not take unknown travelers into your car;
  • do not engage in courier services, do not place unknown people in Poland and don't store their stuff.

On December 3, the Polish police announced the arrest of four people who helped illegal immigrants to cross the border. Among them & # 8212; two Ukrainians, one Pole and one citizen of Afghanistan.

In November, another Ukrainian was detained in the village of Boratynets Lacki. He told law enforcement officers that he was transporting four illegal migrants.

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