“Ears sticking out” of the Russian special services, – Musienko called the moments that show the occupiers


Musienko named the moments expressing the Russian special services/Photo by Russian propaganda media annotation”>The pseudo-power of Transnistria reported that explosions were heard in one of the villages and the antennas that broadcast Russian radio were destroyed. The Russian secret services are obviously behind this.

This opinion was expressed by political scientist and head of the Center for Military Legal Research Alexander Musienko on Channel 24. According to him, there are factors that can be expressed by the special services of a terrorist country.

Everything falls into one chain, – Musienko

The political scientist noted, that when analyzing Russia's new provocations, it is necessary to compare and contrast logically the latest statements of the military officials of the killer state.

They said that the Kremlin's targets were the south of Ukraine and the corridor to Transnistria. Actually, literally during this time, at least several factors appeared, testifying to this, Musienko noted:

  • a significant increase in the shelling of Nikolaev;
  • application missile strikes against Odessa;
  • the loosening of Transnistria.

Everything falls into one chain and gets its explanation that behind all this, I am almost convinced, the “ears” of Russian special services in order to raise hysteria and find at least some reasons why a contingent from Transnistria can be attracted against the hostilities in the Odessa region. .

"The ears stick out" of the Russian special services, – Musienko named the moments that show the occupiers

Alexander Musienko

Head of the Center for Military Legal Research

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