Earthquake in Turkey: five Ukrainians may be under the rubble – MFA

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Earthquake in Turkey: five Ukrainians may be under the rubble — Foreign Ministry

In total, diplomats have already found 103 Ukrainians.

Under the earthquake caused Five Ukrainians may be under the rubble in Turkey.

This was announced by the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Oleg Nikolenko on Facebook.

“We have information about the probable stay of five Ukrainians under the rubble. The Foreign Ministry and the embassy are actively cooperate with the Turkish authorities to save them. One citizen was hospitalized. There are no threats to her life,” he wrote.

Nikolenko added that a total of 103 Ukrainians have already been found by diplomats.

“The remaining 22 citizens do not get in touch. We are working on establishing their whereabouts, keeping in touch with their relatives,” the Foreign Ministry spokesman emphasized.

l that Ukrainian consuls went to the natural disaster zone in southern Turkey to help Ukrainians.

“Diplomats are bringing warm clothes, essentials, medicines. On the spot, they will coordinate the search for missing citizens, the provision of medical assistance to the victims and the organization of the evacuation,” Nikolenko said. at least 15,383 people.

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