Echo of Ryazan: Bloomberg explained why Russia undertook to strengthen Moscow's air defense


Echo of Ryazan: Bloomberg explained why Russia undertook to strengthen Moscow's air defense

Ukrainians were pretty amused by the photos of air defense systems deployed on rooftops in Moscow for the 11th month of a full-scale war. However, the Kremlin undertook to pull the Pantsir-S1 onto the roofs for a reason.

Journalists, citing anonymous sources, reported that Russia is literally afraid of drones. It was they who caused the air defense systems to be removed to the roof of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Why are the Russians so afraid

The reason for the panic deployment of additional air defense systems in Moscow and its environs was the visits of “cotton” to Saratov (about 800 kilometers from Moscow) and Ryazan (about 200 kilometers from the Russian capital).

Russia accused Ukraine of explosions at airbases Saratov and Ryazan and announced the attack by drones. After that, the Kremlin decided to strengthen Moscow's air defenses due to how close the “cotton” came to the Russian capital.

It is worth noting that Russian journalists decided to ask the speaker of dictator Putin Dmitry Peskov why air defense systems began to appear on the roofs of houses in Moscow, to which he did not want to answer and sent them to the Ministry of Defense. By the way, the Pantsir-S1 air defense system was also deployed on the roof of this department.

Air defense is being strengthened in Moscow: the main thing

Recently, photos and videos appeared on the network, where you can see that on the roofs buildings in Moscow began to install air defense systems. Air Force Speaker Yuri Ignat noted that the Pantsir-S1 deployed by the Russians does not have a large range. It can be effective for the elimination of drones. Ignat also trolled the Russians, saying “there is no panic.”

Advisor to the head of the President's Office Mikhail Podolyak reacted to what is happening in Moscow. The politician noted that once the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry accused Ukraine of placing air defense systems in residential areas and spoke about the illegality of such actions, so now he should explain what is happening. In addition, Podolyak asked if Putin and Peskov would like to explain to the Russians the concept of a “three-day special operation”, when air defense is being strengthened in Moscow for the 11th month of its holding.

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