Eiichi Negishi, Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry, dies

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Eiichi Negishi, Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry, dies

Eiichi Negishi, winner of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, has passed away at 86. This is reported by the Kyodo agency with reference to the administration of Purdue University in the American state of Indiana, where the Japanese scientist worked.

Negishi has been a professor of chemistry since 1979. He has authored over 400 publications and has received numerous awards, including the Japan Chemical Society Prize and the Japanese Order of Culture.

In 1972, Negishi began researching organometallic reactions catalyzed by transition metals. During 1976-1978, he published about ten papers describing cross-coupling reactions involving various organometallic substances containing magnesium, zinc, boron, aluminum, strontium and zirconium, catalyzed by palladium or nickel. Today, reactions that contain zinc, aluminum or zirconium are called Negishi reactions. For these discoveries, the scientist was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2010.

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