Electricity is returned to the de-occupied Kyiv region: where there is already electricity


On the de-occupied Kyiv region is getting electricity back: where there is already electricity

Pavlyuk told where the electricity supply of the Kyiv region has already been resumed/Collage 24 channel

On the de-occupied territory of the Kyiv region, work continues on the resumption of electricity supply. In particular, over the past day, it was possible to return electricity to the homes of 7,126 families.

43,000 households are still without electricity. Power engineers promise to fully resume electricity supplies by June 1.

Where electricity supply was resumed

As of today, electricity supply has been partially restored in such settlements of Buchansky and Vyshgorod districts:

  • Buchi;
  • Irpin;
  • Gostomel;
  • Nemeshaevo;
  • Mirotsky;
  • Smolennitsy;
  • Berezovtsy (Makarov community);
  • Dymeri;
  • Guti Mezhigorskaya;
  • Lugoviki;
  • Lubyantsy;

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