Elfer drama in Seville: Salzburg missed victory at the CL opener


Austria's series champions were only able to convert one of three penalties and won a draw with the group favorites.

Elfer drama in Seville: Salzburg missed victory at the CL opener

Toni Polster is still known at Sevilla FC, which is no wonder, since he scored 57 goals in 110 games for the Spaniards. Since yesterday you will also remember a few Salzburg faces in Seville. The youngest team in the Champions League (average age 22.1 years) made an extremely entertaining 1: 1 impression.

“We can create a surprise,” announced coach Matthias Jaissle. The victory march ended in Seville, but the Bulls remained unbeaten in the eleventh competitive game of the season and passed the first real endurance test. Even if there was more to it than “just” the one point that brings in at least 930,000 euros.

Elfer drama in Seville: Salzburg missed victory at the CL opener

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penalties shoot

Four penalties in one game, three for a team, taken three times by the same player – none of that has happened in the Champions League – until yesterday. It was 3-1 at the break for Salzburg – but only after penalties.

The first half in Seville was already tough. At first, the favorite made pressure, goosebumps mood even before kick-off when the stadium, which was not completely filled due to Corona, sang the club anthem. But the young people of Salzburg withstood the initial pressure, and then became more courageous. After a foul on Adeyemi, there was initially a free kick, after VAR control even a penalty.

Elfer drama in Seville: Salzburg missed victory at the CL opener

But the bulls scorer shot just missed (13th) with youthful recklessness. Only a few minutes later, however, he was put in the penalty area again, another penalty for the guests. This time Sucic grabbed the ball – and made it 1-0 (21st).

Angry attacks from the home side followed, it got rougher – the Europa League record winner had not expected that. The fans had meanwhile found the culprit – referee Kulbakov from Belarus. And that drew the audience's displeasure when he pointed to the point after the third penalty foul on Adeyemi.

Elfer drama in Seville: Salzburg missed victory at the CL opener

Sucic was allowed to try again – but this time also showed his nerve and only hit the bar (37th). Awarded two penalties – that's punished in the Champions League. Wöber put En-Nesyri, Rakitic converted the due penalty to 1: 1 (42nd). Somehow the rain shower before the break was good for everyone.

Immediately after the break, the Salzburg penalty area was in focus. Because El-Nesyri wanted to steal the next 911, he flew off the field with yellow and red (50th).


Suddenly Salzburg made the game, had a huge chance of 2: 1, Solet did not hit the empty goal (57th). No need to worry, he was sidelined. The guests sensed the chance for a sensation, but the hosts remained dangerous, as Lamela's header proved (78th). On the other hand, Aaronson and Joker Adamu awarded in stoppage time. So it stayed with the one point that kidnapped Salzburg.

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