Eliminated dozens of enemies, a warehouse and cars: the defenders showed how they liberate the Kharkiv region


Dozens of enemies, a warehouse and cars were liquidated: the defenders showed how they liberated the Kharkiv region

Our military continues to confidently liberate Kharkiv region from occupation. Some of the enemies manage to escape, and some are soon reincarnated into a white Lada.

The invaders are suffering crazy losses in the war against Ukraine. This is especially true of the enemies who are now in the Kharkov direction. It is extremely difficult for Russian fighters there.

Defenders of Ukraine are clearing the Kharkiv region from the enemy

SSO “AZOV” Kharkiv, as well as 14 separate motorized brigade, carried out a counter-offensive operation. During it it was possible to destroy 30 Russian invaders, a tank and infantry fighting vehicles, as well as a warehouse with ammunition.

How our military effectively destroy the enemy in the Kharkiv region: watch the video

The border guards also showed how they and their brethren deal with the enemy. Thanks to joint efforts, it was possible to deprive the invaders of the entire truckload of weapons. We are talking about a KamAZ full of 152-millimeter shells.

They decided to play football, but they drove to the wrong field, they ironically joked about the lost boot .

The military noticed that an accurate shot fell on the tank. That's why they managed to eliminate the car that was transporting ammunition. And we know that the invaders can't do much without it.

The enemy truck will no longer carry ammunition: watch the video

The General Staff confirmed the dismissal of Kupyansk

The day before, everyone was actively discussing the fact that Kupyansk was fired from the occupation. But it was important to confirm this from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And it did not take long.

In the morning report of September 11, the department noted that in recent days almost two thousand square kilometers of Ukrainian lands have been fired. They also noted that the enemy was driven out of Kupyansk. Moreover, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to liberate those settlements that are part of both the Kupyansky and Izyumsky districts.

And, despite the fact that the enemy loses a lot of manpower every day, he continues to try at least some something of an offensive. Thus, over the past 24 hours, advances were recorded in the areas of Sosnovka, Mayorsk, Nikolaevka, Vtoroy, Zaitsev, Vesela Dolina, Soledar, Bakhmut, Peskov, Pervomaisky and Novomikhailovka. However, the desired results were not achieved. Because the Russian invaders had to withdraw.

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