Elite Grushniki suffered losses when leaving Liman, – BBC


We suffered losses while leaving Liman Elite Grushniki, – BBC

Heroes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to liberate Ukraine from Russian invaders. The enemy is inflicted heavy losses. In particular, when leaving the Liman, elite Grushniki suffered losses.

According to media reports, at least 9 “elite” occupiers were killed. In addition, there were victims.

All the “two hundredth” are representatives of the 3rd Guards Special Forces Brigade of the Main Directorate of the General Staff. They have been sent to the most important tasks since the times of the USSR. However, this did not prevent the elite invaders from becoming “two hundredth” and returning home in packages.

RosSMI said that there were allegedly militants from the temporarily occupied Luhansk region and Russian volunteers in Liman. However, the truth could not be hidden.

In social networks, citizens of the occupying country report the death of an elite Russian “cannon fodder”.

The sister of one of the liquidated said that first 8 invaders were killed. Then one of the wounded died. The woman added that “almost the entire group died.”

No details are given to the relatives of the victims. They learn only fragments of information. It is still unknown when the bodies will be brought.

The sister of the liquidated said that this is obviously the biggest loss of the 3rd brigade.

Mobilized from the Lugansk region complain that they were “thrown”

Meanwhile, mobilized from the temporarily occupied Luhansk region, who retreated from Liman, complain that the Russian occupiers simply ” thrown.” They left us practically without weapons and equipment.

Now the “mobiles” are stuck on the highway near Shchastya. They sleep in the open air and have been fasting for at least 3 days. The military leadership of Russia does not let them into the unit.

Mobilized from the temporarily occupied Luhansk region said that the invaders ordered to move from Drobyshevo to Liman. However, when the “mobiles” finally made their way to the Ukrainian Lyman, the occupiers were no longer there. Meanwhile, the “mobiles” themselves were left without ammunition.

By that time, the frightened invaders had already fled from Liman. Only the “three hundredth” remained in the city, which the Russians left behind. Now the mobs are complaining as much as they can.

At the same time, Ukrainian soldiers successfully go on the offensive and liberate Ukrainian cities and villages.

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