Elon Musk left Twitter

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Elon Musk left Twitter

American entrepreneur Elon Musk has decided to temporarily leave Twitter. He wrote about this decision on his page on the social network.

“I'm leaving Twitter for a while,” Musk said shortly. He did not specify for what reasons he decided to leave the social network and whether he will use other services to communicate with subscribers. It is also unknown how long the entrepreneur left Twitter.

Musk's messages on the American social network have repeatedly influenced economic processes inside entire corporations and cryptocurrencies. For example, on January 29, a businessman published a bitcoin hashtag, after which the currency rose in price by 15 percent in 30 minutes. A few days earlier, Etsy's shares rose more than 11 percent after Musk praised the company.

In addition, Musk periodically communicated with Russian subscribers in Russian. In early January, the head of SpaceX praised Sergei Korolev's contribution to world space exploration, calling the Soviet designer “magnificent.”

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