Elon Musk told the theory about brain parasites useful for humanity

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Elon Musk told the theory about brain parasites useful for humanity

Elon Musk made another weird tweet last night. In it, the entrepreneur said that some brain parasites can encourage humanity to create powerful artificial intelligence. No matter how it sounds, there is a grain of reason in it.

Elon Musk responded to a National Geographic post on Toxoplasma, a parasite common in felines. “Toxoplasma infects rats, cats, and then people who make videos with cats. AI is trained to reach the level of human intelligence, just in the video with cats, this makes Toxoplasma a real arbiter of our fate, “wrote the entrepreneur.

These parasites actually infect rats and mice, and scientists believe they affect the mind of rodents, causing them to lose their fear of predators, including cats. Infected rats are easier to catch, so cats become infected and then transmit the infection to humans. There are studies that show that people infected with Toxoplasma are more likely to take risks.

Of course, it is unlikely that a brain parasite will force humans to create super-AI. However, the propensity for risky behavior can induce people, for example, to fund bold projects, including in the field of artificial intelligence.

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