Elon Musk's actions may threaten US security: White House begins inspection



The White House is debating whether the United States should submit some of Elon Musk's businesses to a national security review. US officials were attracted by Elon Musk's operation to buy Twitter for $44 billion.

According to the publication, US officials became embarrassed by Elon Musk's statements regarding the possible cancellation of the supply of the Starlink satellite service to Ukraine. They are outraged by the scandalous tweets of the billionaire about the war in our state. Also, US officials are concerned about Musk's plans to buy Twitter with a group of foreign investors.According to the interlocutors of the publication, the discussion is at an early stage. It is noted that officials in the US government and intelligence are weighing available tools to allow the federal government to check the Musk enterprises.

One possibility is reportedly a law regulating the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States to scrutinize Musk's agreements and operations for national security risks. The interagency group CFIUS reviews the purchase of US companies by foreign buyers. It is not clear if a CFIUS review will be offered, which would include assessments from the State Department, Department of Defense and Homeland Security, according to sources.

As a reason for checking CFIUS, Musk's agreement with foreign investors to buy Twitter for $44 billion was named. The group includes the nephew of the King of Saudi Arabia, Al-Walid ibn Talal al-Saud, the digital asset exchange managed by a Chinese businessman Binance Holdings Ltd, and the Qatar wealth fund.

Recall that one of Twitter investors Giuseppe Pampena filed San Francisco federal court lawsuit against Elon Musk. He claims that the American billionaire manipulated the value of Twitter's stock to reduce it by $11 billion.

By the way.Earlier it was reported that Elon Musk, in the event of a successful purchase of Twitter, wants to fire 75 percent of the company's employees. However, the reason is not the billionaire himself, the company still plans to make large-scale cuts. Musk was marked by scandalous tweets. He proposed a “peace formula” that only outraged the Ukrainians. The billionaire also talked about the fact that SpaceX might stop funding Starlink satellite Internet in Ukraine, so he turned to the Pentagon.

  • A few weeks later, Musk announced that he would still continue to finance Starlink in Ukraine. However, he still reproached that his company was losing its profits. What influenced the decision of the billionaire, the cut is unknown.
  • Recently, he told how much SpaceX is losing Starlink for Ukraine. Musk also emphasized that they had not received any funding from the US Department of Defense a day after it was said that the Pentagon was considering paying for a satellite network.
  • The famous billionaire subtly trolled Dmitry Medvedev, remembering Bakhmut.
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