Emergency blackouts introduced in Lviv and Volyn regions


Emergency blackouts introduced in Lviv and Volyn regions

On Tuesday, January 24, the shortage of electricity production increased in the Volyn and Lviv regions. Consequently, emergency power outages were introduced in these regions.

Such measures are implemented promptly in order to stabilize the situation in the energy system. Therefore, hourly outage schedules are not yet in effect.

Providing emergency shutdowns

Power engineers note that due to the parallel application of hourly and emergency outage schedules, the duration power outages may vary.

Emergency shutdown schedules are not a schedule with a date and a list of settlements, but a list of power lines subject to immediate shutdown upon receipt of the appropriate order.

Such schedules are used when there is a shortage of electricity production and you need to quickly reduce the load to the united energy system of Ukraine by cutting off power lines.

What is the situation with electricity in Ukraine on January 24

  • As of January 24, electricity generation in Ukraine slightly increased. Therefore, the shortage of power remains significant.
  • As of January 24, as a result of attacks by infidels, significant damage was caused to power plants. Therefore, now the production of electricity at operating power plants cannot fully cover consumption.
  • The Verkhovna Rada suggested that the timing of power outages may become longer.
  • By the way, the material of Channel 24 contains all the necessary information about turning off the light in the regions of Ukraine. To find out if there will be a power outage in your home, click here.

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