Enemy continues terror, – Gumenyuk spoke about the situation in the liberated territories of the South


The enemy continues terror, – Gumenyuk spoke about the situation in the liberated territories of the South

The enemy, using the territory, geography and features of the front line running along the Dnieper River, shells the coast. This suggests that the Russians continue to terrorize the civilian population, despite the fact that these territories have been de-occupied. said the speaker of the Operational Command “South” Natalia Gumenyuk. According to her, the enemies also continue to terrorize the Nikopol region, where the occupier's boots have not set foot, but geographically opposite is a critical infrastructure object, on which the Russian military is trying to call back fire.

Fortunately, there were no casualties during the last night shelling, but there was damage to facilities, including power plants. And this suggests that they continue to put pressure on the civilian population. They are trying to leave without gas, water, electricity,” said Natalya Gumenyuk.

Russians are terrorizing the South: watch the video

Deminers work on schedule

The speaker said that stabilization measures in the region are taking place according to their schedule. The weather affects the work of sappers, since very large areas of the terrain are subject to demining, and access to them is sometimes difficult.

“Therefore, one should have patience and understanding that while special services are working, one should not neglect their warnings and notes . Under no circumstances should you try to shorten your path through unexplored areas,” Ms. Gumenyuk warned.

Countersabotage activities continue

According to the speaker, counter-sabotage work continues, in particular, on the right bank, in settlements directly close to the water's edge. In this area, the enemy left their collaborators and agents to help correct the shelling.

We turn to the locals, grateful for their help, helping to detect such elements. But still, you need to be vigilant, because they are still on this territory and work continues, the press secretary said.

Events on the Southern Front: important news

  • The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine confirmed the destruction of the headquarters of the invaders in Zabarino, Kherson region, where the Russians held a meeting of officers of the southern military district of the Russian armed forces.
  • Natalya Gumenyuk also reported that the enemy was losing its positions to the south. The occupiers are waiting for the reserves to come up.
  • In recent days, the Russians have been actively maneuvering in the South. On the left bank, the withdrawal of some Russian forces that were close to the Dnieper River was recorded.

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