Enemy losses will increase: the Pentagon will increase the production of artillery for Ukraine by 6 times


Enemy losses will increase: Pentagon will increase artillery production for Ukraine by 6 times

Russia has unleashed a war in Ukraine, which is being waged using the methods of World War II. Actually, this caused a lot of trouble for our allies, who are already fighting with high-tech weapons.

And it was the situation in our country that prompted the Pentagon to increase the production of artillery shells by 500 percent. This should happen within two years. Thus, regular ammowill be produced in the same numbers as during the Korean War.

Will stockpile for the future

One of the reasons the desire to increase the production of shells – to compensate for the deficit. It arose because of the war unleashed by Russia in Ukraine. Therefore, the Pentagon decided that they really needed a reserve for possible future armed conflicts.

This is curious!Note that all these measures are part of “the most aggressive modernization in almost 40 years”.

It should be understood thatthese steps are a partial concession to reality.The Pentagon at one time focused on waging wars at the expense of a small number of more expensive high-precision weapons. But the war in Ukraine showed the importance of howitzers that fire unguided projectiles.

Speaking the language of numbers

Before the full-scale invasion, the US Armyproduced 14,400 unguided projectilesfor a month. And this amount was quite enough for the American army.

But the war in Ukraine prompted Pentagon leaders to triple the production of shells in September. And then double that process in January. Sonow the US will produce 90,000, or even more, shells per month.

It should be noted that the increase in the production of shells for artillery is a clear demonstration of support for Ukraine .This means that the United States will be on our side as long as the war unleashed by Russia continues.

Recall that the day before we managed to unfreeze the issue of providing tanks to Ukraine. This is very good news. Especially against the backdrop of statements about a possible new offensive by Russia, which is about to take place.

Ukraine will receive Leopard

  • Note that this became known on January 24th. Then information was received that Germany was transferring to Ukraine at least a whole company of Leopard 2A6 tanks. Official confirmation of this should be expected on January 25. The decision itself is very important, because it allows other states to provide us with German tanks.
  • And there are enough people who want to. Yes, during the Ramstein meeting, 12 states agreed to provide the Armed Forces with about 100 Leopard tanks. Poland was perhaps the most active in pushing this issue.
  • It is also known that the United States is ready to transfer 30 M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine. True, now this is not confirmed by the Pentagon. At the same time, they do not mind, so the following official statements are to be expected.

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