Enemy plans to continue offensive against Azovstal, FSB structures will be involved – intelligence


The enemy plans to continue attacking Azovstal, the FSB – intelligence structures will be involved

The enemy plans to continue attacking Azovstal/Video screenshot

The Russian political leadership allegedly ordered its troops not to storm Azovstal in Mariupol, where civilians are hiding. However, the representative of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Vadym Skibitsky denied this information.

According to him, as usual, the Russian leadership is telling a lie. He announced this live on the Rada TV channel.

“They may refuse a large-scale assault on this particular facility (Azovstal – Channel 24). However, according to our information, they plan to involve the Russian Guard, other structures, in including the FSB. They will continue to attack the plant in order to destroy our resistance,” Vadim Skibitsky explained.

What is known about the situation at Azovstal

  • Russian infidels for almost 2 months they have been blockading Mariupol, and they have also encircled the city. As a result, Ukrainian soldiers and civilians were taken hostage at Azovstal. It is known that some of them were wounded and killed.
  • The Russian military dropped super-heavy bombs on Azovstal, as a result of which people were trapped under the rubble. Ukraine insists that Russia give the opportunity to take people out.
  • On Thursday, April 21, 2022, Vladimir Putin allegedly gave the order not to storm Azovstal.

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