Energoatom will produce nuclear fuel components: parts that strike


Energoatom will produce nuclear fuel components: parts that strike

Energoatom will start producing nuclear fuel components. Industrial production could start as early as 2023.

Petr Kotin, President of Energoatom, and German Galushchenko, Minister of Energy of Ukraine, visited the unique production facility. The components of nuclear fuel for Ukrainian nuclear power units will soon be produced there.

Galushchenko recalled that Ukraine was one of the first countries to diversify the supply of nuclear fuel. This is what helped Ukraine to refuse to buy it from Russia.

According to the Minister of Energy, the task of Ukraine, together with American partners, is to develop the appropriate types of fuel to oust Russia from the nuclear fuel market.

It is planned that in three years we will reach the full cycle of nuclear fuel fabrication in Ukraine. 2026 is the date when we will be able to fully produce our Ukrainian fuel from components produced here. And elements that we cannot produce will be purchased from partners,” Kotin said.

This is how Ukraine implements the clean energy transition strategy.

The process of licensing components of nuclear fuel is already being completed.

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