Energodar residents independently restored the pontoon bridge destroyed by the Rosins


Energodartsy independently restored the pontoon bridge destroyed by the Rosins

Ukrainians are an incredible nation. After all, even in the occupation, they cope and do important things under the nose of the enemy.

Thus, in the temporarily occupied Energodar of the Zaporozhye region, local residents independently built a pontoon bridge. They succeeded with incredible efforts and perseverance.

The Russians are to blame for everything

Earlier, before the occupation of cities, it was in proper condition and people used it. When Russia came, it was destroyed, because the aggressor destroys everything in its path.

Energodartsy and the restored bridge/Photo by RIA-Melitopol

Locals also confirmed that the bridge had previously been destroyed by Russian soldiers. Therefore, people decided to restore it themselves in order to cross the river again.

People restored the bridge on their own/Photo “RIA-Melitopol”

What is happening in Energodar

  • In the temporarily occupied Energodar, the invaders allegedly offer help to people who want to leave for Russia. The propagandists ran ads. Previously, the action was designed for collaborators.
  • Also, the Russian invaders continue to terrorize the local residents of the temporarily occupied territories. In particular, in Melitopol and Energodar, Ukrainians were left without electricity on September 8. And the invaders combine their provocations with shelling in Energodar itself with shelling on the opposite bank.

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