Engaged in the destruction of souls: Lithuania demands sanctions against Kirill


Engaged in the destruction of souls : Lithuania demands sanctions against Kirill

Lithuania wants to impose sanctions against Kirill/Channel 24 collage Lithuania put forward a proposal to impose sanctions against the pro-Kremlin Patriarch Kirill. The department believes that Kirill is engaged in the destruction of souls, not shepherding.

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis said that the Foreign Ministry put forward a proposal to the European Union to impose sanctions against Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church.

< p> According to Landsbergis, Kirill is engaged not in shepherding, but in the destruction of souls, supporting the war in Ukraine and the war crimes of the Russians.

It is not yet known whether sanctions will be imposed against Kirill.

There is such a proposal, but so far only consultations are ongoing to reach a consensus, so there is no final answer whether this will be introduced, the minister said.

Despite the fact that the Lithuanian Orthodox Church is part of The Russian Orthodox Church, believers and clergy condemned the Russian aggression. The Russian Orthodox Church not only did not condemn senseless violence, but continues to encourage believers to it.

His political statements about the war in Ukraine are his personal opinion. We in Lithuania do not agree with this,” Metropolitan Innokenty of Vilna and Lithuania said in March.

In addition to the sanctions announced by the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry, the Lithuanian Church is now thinking about the possibility of separating from the Russian Orthodox Church.

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