Erdogan beat Putin's petty gopnik – Piontkovsky


Erdogan beat Putin's petty gopnik, &ndash ; Piontkovsky

Erdogan beat Putin/Channel 24 collage Vladimir Putin caused a lot of discussion. It should be understood that the Turkish leader is guided solely by pragmatic considerations.


Moreover, he cynically uses Putin to achieve his own goals. So, Erdogan once again managed to outwit the Kremlin dictator. Russian publicist Andrei Piontkovsky said this at a meeting with Roman Tsymbalyuk, broadcasting Channel 24.

What did Erdogan get? He got a free hand in Syria and Karabakh in exchange for completely empty promises to promote a ceasefire and a truce. – said Piontkovsky.

Why the optimistic forecast for Ukraine is not exaggerated

According to the publicist, the plight of Putin speaks about the strategic prospects of Ukraine. The head of the aggressor state needs the war in Ukraine to end as soon as possible.

The best proof is the desperation with which the road clings to any straw to achieve a ceasefire and supplies American weapons,” Piontkovsky believes.

He betrayed Armenia and Osat

He betrayed friendly Armenia, a partner in the CSTO – this is not the first time. Moreover, he betrays Osat, his brothers in the fight against American imperialism.

“He is absolutely meaningless from the point of view of Russia's national interests. The path to the adventure in Syria was influenced by the famous tape” The Last 15 Minutes of Gaddafi's Life, ” – said the publicist.

According to Piontkovsky, in the minds of Putin, Gaddafi, then Osat, and then himself should have been killed. Therefore, he rushed to defend Osat as himself. As a result, he gives his brother to be torn apart Turkey.

It won't be too fast. But the trend is quite clear – Turkey's free hand in Syria and Karabakh,” Piontkovsky emphasized.

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