Erdogan infected with omicron

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Turkish President Erdogan and his wife became infected with the omicron strain COVID-19

Эрдоган заразился омикроном

Photo: Reuters

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that he and his wife Emine had contracted coronavirus. He wrote about this on his Twitter account on Saturday, February 5.

“Today, the result of our COVID-19 test, which my wife and I did after mild symptoms [of the disease], turned out to be positive,” Erdogan said.

He noted that he and his wife were diagnosed with omicron, a strain of coronavirus, and the disease itself is mild. The Turkish leader stressed that he would continue to perform his duties from home.

Earlier it was reported that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau contracted a coronavirus infection. He stated that he feels well and appealed to all citizens to be vaccinated, as well as to get booster vaccinations against COVID-19.

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