Erdogan says his relationship is based on 'honesty and mutual respect'


Erdogan says his relationship is based on

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said his relationship with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, who started with nothing provoked war in Ukraine are based on “honesty and mutual respect”.

He made such a statement during a meeting with youth in Bilecik. Without specifying what kind of “honesty” and “respect” we are talking about, if the Russian dictator only knows how to break his own promises and act like a terrorist.

According to Erdogan, he can hold meetings with representatives of Russia, Iran, Syria and other countries.

Even if we do not get the desired results, we meet. We receive answers to our requests from Tatarstan to Dagestan,” Erdogan said. p>Interestingly, Erdogan did not remember how Putin almost caused world famine with a “grain blockade.” Or is this “honesty” and “principality”? Perhaps, speaking of “respect”, Erdogan meant “gas blackmail” and Putin's promises to “freeze” Europe?

One thing is clear: these are Erdogan's attempts to continue to maintain a certain “neutrality” in Russia's war against Ukraine. And continue to have a unique role in this war, to be the only possible mediator between the leaders of the countries waging war.

Putin-Erdogan Relations

  • Turkish President constantly talks about his readiness to mediate during negotiations between Ukraine and Russia.
  • The last such statement from Erdogan was made on January 20 during a conversation with Vladimir Zelensky. The Turkish leader noted that he was ready to make “a significant diplomatic contribution to establishing a strong peace between Russia and Ukraine.”
  • Until now, Turkey manages to balance between Ukraine and Russia: selling weapons to Ukraine and at the same time not interrupting economic relations with Russia .
  • Putin “holds on” to Erdogan, realizing that this is almost the only support in the political circle and a critical player in business, especially in the context of sanctions against Russia.

< p> Important! All this makes Erdogan's political role in this war special. So far, he remains the only real mediator between Moscow and Kyiv. However, it is clear that Erdogan defends, first of all, his interests and thinks about how to stay in power in Turkey after the 2023 elections.

Erdogan is interested in peace negotiations between Ukraine and Russia This will help him gain powerful “bonuses” in the future.

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