Erdogan wants Ukraine to sink the entire Black Sea fleet of Russia – political strategist


Erdogan wants Ukraine to drown the entire Black Sea Fleet of Russia, – political strategist

What is Erdogan's goal in negotiations with Putin?/Channel 24 Collage

The President of Turkey has recently been playing on the side of Ukraine. Erdogan does what is best for him, because he seeks to weaken the Russian Federation in the Black Sea.


Reported by Channel 24political strategist Mikhail Sheitelman. He believes that Erdogan is playing on the side of Ukraine, because it is more profitable for him.

Will Erdogan help the way with negotiations with Ukraine

According to Sheitelman, it was not Erdogan who forced Ukraine to negotiate with Russia at the end of March, she then sought them herself, given the situation. The same applies to the agreement on the export of grain from Ukraine.

It seems to me that Erdogan put Russia at the negotiating table in the grain story rather than us. Therefore, I think that if he puts someone at the negotiating table, it will be Russia, not us,” he stressed.

The political strategist believes that Erdogan is playing on the side of Ukraine without further ado.< /p>

Why Erdogan plays along with Putin: watch the video

“Wants Ukraine to sink Russia's entire Black Sea Fleet”

Sheitelman noted that Erdogan does this not because he is a friend of Ukraine or is forever connected with us. It is more profitable for the President of Turkey, because he needs to weaken Russia in the Black Sea.

He wants to be the king of the Black Sea. He wants us to drown the entire Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation,” said the political strategist.

After all, he noted, Erdogan closed the straits for Russian ships. Thanks to this, the Armed Forces of Ukraine sank the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet – the cruiser Moskva. And the Turkish president did not allow Russia to bring a new cruiser into the Black Sea.

Sheitelman urged not to listen to Erdogan's words, but to look at his actions, which are now all in one direction – Ukraine.

By the way! In his foreign policy, Recep Erdogan maneuvers only with pragmatic considerations. Political and military expert Andrei Piontkovsky is sure that the Turkish president is cynically using the Russian dictator. Putin is simply “led” to all the baits that are thrown at him.

Erdogan's talks with Putin: what is known

  • Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on August 5 arrived in Russia. In Sochi, he met with Vladimir Putin. It was about cooperation and gas issues.
  • According to media reports, Moscow is looking for ways to get around the sanctions that were imposed on Russia after the start of the war in Ukraine. The Kremlin decided to turn to Turkey.
  • Erdogan confirmed that Turkey had decided to pay for part of the Russian gas in rubles. He did not say what part of the gas payment he was talking about.

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