Erdogan's double game: will it be possible to persuade Ukraine to negotiate and block NATO membership


Erdogan's double game: will Ukraine be persuaded to negotiations and block NATO membership

Turkey actively supports peace talks between Ukraine and Russia. However, at the same time, it provides “Bayraktars” and criticizes the West for the supply of really old weapons for Ukraine in some places. Erdogan's double game has interesting reasons.

About this Channel 24said Eugenia Gaber, an analyst at the Center for Turkish Studies at Carleton University. According to her, Erdogan is really in favor of peace talks between Ukraine and Russia. But no one will “twist the arms” of Kyiv and force them to start negotiations. Everything depends on the desire of the Ukrainian authorities and people.

It should be understood that elections are coming soon in Turkey. Accordingly, all foreign policy has an impact on domestic. According to opinion polls, most of the Turks are in favor of neutrality regarding the war between Ukraine and Russia.

This neutrality is more pro-Ukrainian. They support Ukraine, but they want to cooperate with the Russians in the future. This mentality of the Turkish society is similar to the countries of the Middle East. In general, Turkey supplies Bayraktars, has manufactured a corvette and supports Ukraine on international platforms,” Gaber said.

Can Turkey block Ukraine's entry into NATO

According to Gaber, Turkey has always advocated an open door policy and supported the membership of Ukraine and Georgia in NATO. Of course, they will not rush there with statements of support because of the Russian factor. However, this generally does not mean that Turkey will block Ukraine's entry. Most likely, Ankara will simply not be among the first countries that will lobby for this decision.

“I think if there is a situation, as it is now in Sweden and Finland, when 2-3 countries are against … Turkey will not block Ukraine's membership in NATO. A strong Ukraine is in Turkey's national interests. This deters the Russian presence and strengthens Turkey's position in the region. Therefore, the rhetoric will be very moderate,” Gaber said.

< p>Recall that recently the head of the Office of the President Andrey Yermak met with advisers to Joe Biden and Recep Tayyip Erdogan – Jake Sullivan and Ibrahim Kalin. This meeting was held in Istanbul.

During the conversation, they discussed the aggressive actions of Russia in Ukraine and issues of security guarantees for the state. Yermak hopes that Turkey will continue to mediate in the exchange of prisoners.

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