Eriksen encourages girls before heart surgery


Christian Eriksen sent a video message to a girl in England before her heart operation.

Eriksen encourages girls before heart surgery

Christian Eriksen, who collapsed at the European Football Championship, encouraged a nine-year-old girl before her heart operation. Evie, who lives in London, had sent the Dane a letter, and the former Tottenham professional responded in a video message shared by the girl's mother on Facebook. “I am sure that you can return to normal life very quickly afterwards. I know because it was like that for me,” said Eriksen.

Eriksen collapsed on the lawn on June 12 in Copenhagen during the European Championship group game against Finland and had to be resuscitated. He was then implanted with a defibrillator. He has to undergo further medical examinations. The 29-year-old returned to Italy last week. A comeback of the midfielder on the football field with the championship team from Inter Milan seems unlikely for the time being. In Italy he is not allowed to play with a defibrillator.

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