Estonia closes borders for Russians with Schengen visas


Estonia closes borders for Russians with Schengen visas

Russians were restricted from entering Estonia/Collage 24 channels aggressors will not be able to enter Estonia for Schengen visas. The decision will take effect on August 18.


This was announced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia Urmas Reinsal. However, he said that there would be exceptions for Russians.

“A sanction will be in effect for a week on Schengen visas issued by the Republic of Estonia. The sanction means that the visas will remain valid. However, sanctions will be imposed on holders while entering Estonia. That is, they will be banned from entering Estonia,” the minister said.

Who will not be sanctioned

Restrictions will not apply to persons who are employees of diplomatic missions in Estonia. Also, the sanctions will not apply to their family members.

Also exempt from the ban include:

  • persons involved in international cargo and passenger transportation;
  • persons who have the right of free movement under EU law;
  • persons whose entry into Estonia is necessary for humanitarian reasons; close relatives of persons who have Estonian citizenship or a permanent residence permit in Estonia.

“Firstly, this provision comes into force in a week. Secondly, it means that the lion's share of Schengen visas issued in Estonia actually continue to be valid, but entry into Estonia is prohibited for those people who fall under the exceptions,” said Reinsalu.

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