Estonia “will be wiped off the map” in case of a Russian attack, if the current NATO strategy is in place, – Prime Minister


Estonia will be 'wiped off the map' in the event of a Russian attack, if the current NATO strategy is in place, Premier

Kallas urged NATO to increase its military presence/Channel 24 Collage

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas said that the current NATO strategy will not save the country in the event of a Russian attack. Therefore, the head of the Estonian government calls on the Alliance to strengthen its presence in the Baltic countries.

This statement was made by the head of the Estonian government in an interview. Kaja Kallas is convinced that with the current defensive models, Estonia can be destroyed in the event of a Russian attack.

Kallas compared the situation in Ukraine to Estonia

The Estonian Prime Minister said that today's NATO defense strategies take into account a scenario in which the Baltic states could remain under Russian occupation for 180 days. However, Kaja Kallas emphasized that the 120-day war in Ukraine shows that it threatens to destroy Estonia.

Comparing the size of Ukraine and the Baltic states, this would mean complete destruction our countries and cultures. Kallas emphasized.

The Estonian premiere noted that the massacre in Bucha took place in the first weeks of the war. Therefore, the working concept of NATO, according to her, does not work.

During the NATO summit in Madrid, among the topics of discussion will be the defense of the eastern flank of the Alliance, in particular, the Baltic countries. Kallas stressed that more allied troops are needed in Estonia. The Prime Minister is convinced that at least 20-25 thousand more soldiers are needed. Although they may not be permanently based in Estonia, they should be located so that in the event of a threat they can quickly arrive in the country.

NATO commented on the words of Kallas

The representative of the Alliance reacted to the words of the Prime Minister of Estonia and stressed that the Alliance has a plan to protect the allies, but the details of the plan cannot be disclosed.

The official also noted that NATO forces will be adjusted to increase their readiness, and the eastern flank will receive more troops to strengthen the battle groups.

Pay attention! The Estonian Ministry of Defense said that Russia is conducting military exercises with simulated missile strikes in Estonia.

Russia threatens Lithuania

In accordance with EU sanctions, Lithuania has stopped the transit of sanctioned goods from Kaliningrad, a Russian enclave on the coast of the Baltic Sea bordering Poland and Lithuania.

many threats were made towards Lithuania. The State Duma even proposes to abolish the recognition of Lithuania's independence.

One of the latest threats came from the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova. She stated that the response to Lithuania's actions would be “not diplomatic”.

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