EU approves sanctions against Russian mercenaries of PMC Wagner – media

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EU approved sanctions against Russian mercenaries of Wagner PMC & ndash; Media

Ambassadors of the European Union countries approved sanctions against members of Wagner's private military company (Wagner PMC).

This was reported by the Brussels correspondent of Radio Liberty Rikard Jozwiak.

& # 8212; EU ambassadors today decided to give the green light to sanctions against the Wagner group. The EU will also add three individuals associated with the group to its human rights sanctions regime, one person & # 8212; in the list for Libya, three & # 8212; to your list in Ukraine and two individuals and three legal entities & # 8212; to your list for Syria. All of them are from Russia, & # 8212; he wrote on Twitter.

Wagner's private military company or Wagner's group & # 8212; an unofficial military organization that is not part of the regular armed forces of Russia and does not have any legal status. Little is known about her.

At different times and according to different estimates, the military units of PMCs numbered from 1,350 to 2,000 people. Officials in Russia deny the existence of Wagner PMCs.

The world first heard about a private military company from Russia when Wagner's men appeared in eastern Ukraine in 2014. They were recorded by Ukrainian intelligence.

It was one of many private brigades that fought on the side of the Russian forces. It is with her that horrendous crimes against humanity and the violation of international humanitarian law are associated throughout the world.

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