Europe called Trump a man of the past

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Europe called Trump a man of the past

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US President Donald Trump is internationally regarded as a man of the past. This was announced on the air of the RTBF TV channel by the President of the European Council Charles Michel.

According to him, the page of the American leader has already been turned. At the same time, Michel pointed out the serious consequences of the actions of the head of state. “The cooperation was very difficult. Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement and relations with NATO were strained. In a difficult situation in the Middle East, the European Union tried to enter into dialogue with the United States, and it was extremely difficult. I could continue examples one after another, ”said the President of the European Council.

He expressed regret over the conduct of the Trump administration on the international stage. The Republican's actions gave the impression that “red lines were crossed one after another” and culminated in riots in the Capitol.

According to Michel, the team of the President-elect of the United States Joe Biden has to work to unite the nation. “In our perspective, to resume a closer dialogue and union based on common values: democracy, rule of law, freedom,” he concluded.

Earlier, former Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl suggested that Biden, as president of the United States, would show more friendliness to European countries than Trump – however, in general, the democrat will continue the Republican course. According to her, in recent years, the US began to pursue a tougher policy towards the EU, although in its essence it has not changed.

On January 6, Republican protesters stormed the Capitol Building and surrounded the Senate Hall. The Senate and the House of Representatives interrupted a meeting at which it was planned to approve the results of the last elections. According to this data, Biden won the presidential election. During the protests, four people were killed and the police detained nearly 70 rioters.

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